Monday, January 7, 2008

Mickey D's is ready for Starbuck Wars

Here is a Hobo tip....McDonalds is now going head on against Starbucks in the wacky world of cappuccino.

Apparently Mcdonalds understands that these uncertain times call for guerilla marketing. By chopping the cost of a cup of cappuccino, they hope to win over all the cash-strapped realtors, mortgage brokers and anyone else who thinks that Starbucks is over-priced and over-rated. McDonalds has now joined the ranks of Dunkin Donuts in the fight against high coffee prices and snobby coffee houses.

Perhaps we should all go short on Starbucks stock as these changes are now being implemented in 13,000 U.S. McDonalds restaurants, saving the consumer a solid 15% over Starbucks prices. Starbucks only has 15,000 stores worldwide, making this a serious competitive threat.


Code6 said...

hmmmm,Iam a late night connoisseur of coffee. 7-11, TOO HOT! tastes burnt, yuck. Loaf and Jug a tad better than Starbucks. Starbucks, requires 10hours of overtime to cover my monthly expenses. Mickey D's makes a pretty good cup of Joe.

Code6 said...

I like Mickey D's coffee. $1.67 for a "tall" cup of black coffee at Starbucks just isn't worth it.

Hey I think I recognize that "Hobo" in your picture.

Mammoth said...

Few things are more profitable than adding water to beans.

The only question is - Why didn't McDonalds think of this years ago?